Stallion 51 celebrates their Silver Jubilee Anniversary.

25 years of making Mustang memories and fulfilling flying dreams.

Stallion 51 is celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2012,  an amazing milestone for any business today much less an aviation business that specializes in rare, high end-high horsepower historic aircraft built on the dreams and passions of the Mustang.

Through the decades Stallion 51 and their iconic P-51 Mustang “Crazy Horse” have become synonymous with excellence and the place to go to check off an item on your bucket list. The Stallion 51 flight experience is like no other. Each flight, whether in one of Stallions dual-cockpit, dual-control Mustangs or their historic T-6 Texan is unique and tailored to the dreams and goals of the person who came to fly with Stallion 51.

Stallion 51 is also the place to go if the dream of flying a Mustang also includes owning one.  Stallion 51’s current check out training program assists pilots who want to move up to high performance WWII fighters. Pilots from all over the world enroll in Stallion 51’s transition and check-out training programs, both in the T-6 Texan and the Mustang.

Over the past quarter century, Stallion has expanded their operation to three large pristine hangars at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Along with the Mustang Orientation flights and transition training; flight operations also encompass the T-6 Texan orientation flights and transition training program, VFR unusual attitude training program in the P-51, UAT Orientation flights in the L-39 Turbo Jet and AVMed 51’s FAA Medical Exam office and full time Senior Airmen Medical Examiner on staff.

“Stallion 51 has grown from a “one room school house” to a multi dimensional international campus of higher learning.”