Frequently Asked Questions

Call Stallion 51 directly at 407-846-4400 or email to schedule your flight. Allow for a 2 ½ to 3 hour program that includes a thorough preflight briefing and post flight debriefing.

Your family and friends are welcome to go into the briefing and de-briefing with you.  We also have a viewing deck and a lobby where they can watch you taxi and take-off. We also have a gift shop.

A deposit is not required in order to schedule a flight. Payment is due the day of the flight. We prefer cash or check however we also take MasterCard and Visa.

We recommend that you arrive approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled flight.  Please call if you are detained, need to cancel your flight or change your scheduled time.  We will contact you if weather should become an issue for your flight.

Please wear comfortable flat heel walking type shoes, no sandals or flip-flops. A shirt with a collar will protect you from the seat belt harness straps and long pants are recommended.

You will be flying in a dual control-dual cockpit aircraft that allows you to fly the airplane the majority of the time. Both you and your instructor have a full set of controls allowing the instructor to demonstrate the maneuvers before you perform them yourself. The flight is tailored to what you want to do including aerobatics.

Please bring your logbook and your flight instructor will be able to sign off your time after the flight. Logbook stickers are available if you forget your logbook.

If you would like to add more flight time to your flight, let us know as soon as possible. If our schedule allows, you can extend your flight time at a pre-arranged price.

It is our pleasure to make your flight and time at Stallion 51 as memorable as possible.  If you feel that you would like to show your appreciation with a gratuity, it is entirely up to you.

Your flight includes a video taken during your flight from cameras mounted outside the aircraft and in the cockpit, recording everything you do and say. The video is yours to keep and can be transferred to you via Drop Box. You will also receive a flight profile certificate and an autographed photo of the Mustang you piloted. Personal photographs with you own camera area allowed and encouraged.


For more information about Stallion 51 and our aviation services, please contact us below: