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December 7, 2019  “Looking forward to another flight! “

Awesome flight. Marco was a great instructor, looking forward to another flight. I did the P51 Mustang 2 years ago and was just as excited after the Texan ride.


May 30, 2019  “Experience a WWII aircraft for yourself”

It was a pleasure to return to Stallion51 and fly the T-6G.  I really enjoyed flying again with Steve Larmore.  He packed a lot of instruction in to our 1 hour orientation flight.  The T-6G is a fun airplane to fly.  The flight gave me an appreciation for why the T-6 was such an effective trainer during and after World War Two.  Most of us will never own a warbird, but you can experience the challenge and thrill of flying the T-6 and TF-51 with the professionals at Stallion 51.

Lance Feero

May 2, 2019  “Yet another outstanding flight with Stallion 51”

This was my second flight in the T6 Texan at Stallion 51 after first flying the P51 Mustang “Crazy Horse”. Once again, absolutely fantastic, with Steve Larmore demonstrating his professionalism and skill to the utmost. From briefing to de-brief I had yet another unforgettable experience. While not exactly “Budget -friendly” it does represent very good value for money – operating these Warbirds is a very expensive operation and they are kept in immaculate condition.


January 16,  2019  A Dream Come True

During my stay in Kissimmee, I realized a dream of flying a T-6 Texan at “Stallion 51”, an unforgettable hour in the air with a really good instructor in the back seat, Steve Larmor.  Next time there will be a flight in the P-51 Mustang!  This experience can be clearly recommended whether you are a commercial or hobby pilot or if you are only generally interested in flying,


October 1, 2018  “50th Birthday Treat!”

I had previously watched in awe as the TF-51’s departed with their lucky crew back in the days when I was a flight student at Orlando Flight Training at Kissimmee Gateway. I promised myself then that someday I would return to fly in the Mustang. This year I turned 50 and thought “why not?” I booked my flights in both the AT-6G and the TF-51 about eighteen months prior to the big day. I was hoping to recreate the journey the brave airmen took almost 80 years ago… I have to admit prior to the flight I was excited and a little scared… the Mustang is the fastest (and most expensive) airplane that I will probably ever fly! I was is good hands, Steve Larmore is an excellent instructor and certainly knows how to put the fun back in flying. What he does not know about the AT-6G and TF-51 is probably not worth knowing. He has the best job in the world. It was certainly an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again. I would also like to thank the operations team and ground crew for keeping these fabulous machines in the air, and also for taking care of my mother, sister and sister’s husband whilst I was airbourne having fun. Steve included my family in the pre and post flight briefings which they were not expecting but enjoyed being part of the action.

Warren Dyson

May 12, 2018 Returned To Stallion 51; flew the T-6, P-51 and the L-39 this time!”

This was my second trip to Stallion 51 having flown the Mustang and L39 Jet previously. This time I not only flew the Mustang and the Jet, but also the T6 Texan.

As my previous visit, this was just another fantastic experience. The instructor for the Mustang and L39 flights was Lee Lauderback. Before each flight there was a thorough briefing, which covered all aspects of the flight. As I had previously undertaken the standard orientation flight, Lee suggested some other maneuvers that we could do so it wouldn’t be a repeat. The flights themselves were amazing, as you are given the controls shortly after take-off and we covered general handling and slow speed flight before going into aerobatic maneuvers.

Marco Rusconi was the instructor on the T6 Texan. Again, during the pre-flight briefing I was offered a different itinerary to the usual orientation flight, where it was suggested that we fly to a local airport to do some touch and goes.

After each flight there was a de-briefing which used the video footage captured from the on-board cameras, and the video was put onto a memory stick to take away.

Thanks to Lee, Marco, Greg, Kelly and everyone else at Stallion 51 for making this another enjoyable and memorable experience.

This is a fantastic experience for both pilots and non-pilots alike.

Mustangs forever!!!

April 6, 2018 A+++! Stallion 51: Truly a 1st Class Operation!”

I am a professional pilot with well over 5,000 hrs of flight time, and at this point in my aviation pursuits nothing is as important as safety in planning, procedures, and the conduct of any and all my flights. The staff and pilots at Stallion 51 greatly exceeded my desires and expectations in this area. Both Lee and Marco were extremely detail oriented, and every facet of my flights in the T-6 and TF-51 were briefed and then executed with the utmost care and precision. I was at ease during both flights as I knew exactly what we were going to do, and when, during the course of each sortie. The total effect of both flights was much greater than simply a fun experience. That’s because they ticked off all the boxes of what a truly once-in-a-lifetime, “hands on” aviation flight and learning experience should be, in all respects. Thanks to everyone at Stallion 51 for a memorable, exhilarating, and emotionally uplifting experience similar to only a few other “firsts” I’ve experienced in my life.

Mustangs forever! QAR

March 23, 2018  “…flight was more fun than I could have imagined”

I flew the Texan T6 yesterday with Marco as my instructor. The flight was more fun than I could have imagined and was well worth ditching work (or anything else) for a few hours. Marco is a very experienced pilot and a wonderful instructor. I not only enjoyed the flight but the pre-flight brief and the post-flight review. The experience will be a lifelong memory. I highly recommend Stallion 51.

Sean Gilley

March 7, 2018  “…I’ll be back!”

I have looked forward to flying the T-6 for 50 years. Steve was my instructor and I had a great time.We did lots of aerobatics ,which I loved and I landed it twice. The flight was everything I had hoped it would be and worth the money. If I buy a T-6 , I’ll be back for instruction. If I don’t buy my own T-6, I’ll be back there for a Mustang flight.

Mike Pope

June 6, 2017: “Sierra Hotel”

I went to Orlando with my 11-year-old grandson. We enjoyed three days together at Disney and three days together at Universal. The rides at the theme parks were terrific. We had a fantastic time together. But the flight with Stallion 51’s Marco Rusconi in a T-6 was the absolute highlight of my trip. Marco is an excellent and true professional instructor pilot. Anyone would enjoy training with Marco! We spent about an hour on the ground talking about flying in general and flying the 1944 T-6 in particular. We then went out to the aircraft and completed a pre-flight check. After I climbed into the cockpit, Marco carefully explained everything I needed to know to fly the airplane. Marco then allowed me to take off (I’m a certified pilot), talked me through various aerobatic maneuvers (I had no prior aerobatic experience), and allowed me to land this classic T-6 airplane. What a thrill. Wingovers, loops, barrel rolls, and more. Cannot recommend this experience enough to anyone interested in real flying!

Thanks Marco, great job!

November 13, 2016 “The Pre-Flight nails what to expect — and the Flight…is an authentic and thrilling hour.”

I was able to experience Stallion 51 and fly the Texan — and it was incredible. A buddy of mine with a Single Engine License flew the Mustang — and Steve and I flew the Texan. We all were able to link up in formation before breaking off for a series of acrobatic moves. As a first time pilot – Steve was as confident, clear, and encouraging as you could expect… and he lets you fly while he manages the flight — and that is what makes the flight so fun.

Stallion 51 is both personable and professional from booking to exit. They worked very hard to pair two dissimilar aircraft together so that my buddy and I could share in the fun. The Pre-Flight nails what the expectation will be — and the Flight itself is not a scenic tour… it is an authentic and thrilling hour.

The video work that Stallion 51 does is awesome. They cover the flight — so you don’t have to. It allowed me to focus on flying and not on selfies — and you get a great video to show your friends.

I will fly with Stallion again. If you’re traveling to the Orlando area for work or play — a Stallion 51 Flight is a totally authentic experience. You will fly a treasure and treasure the flight.


October 17, 2016 “T-6 Love Affair”

Bravo! I can’t give Stallion 51 and Steve Larmore enough kudos. After being out of the cockpit for 16 years I decided it was time to get into the T-6. After the start up of the big P&W radial, taxi out, and take-off – a smile was glued on my face for the next hour. Basic manuevers, rolls of all kinds and loops soon followed, but it was at the top of my Immelman, just before I put in all of the T-6’s authoritative ailerons, the thought came to me -“it doesn’t get better than this!” I’ve already scheduled my next flight. Thank you to all at Stallion 51.

September 28, 2016 “Flight in a T-6 Texan”

If you are looking for the thrill of a life time provided by an entertaining proficient professional this is it. This was my third flight (2 P-51 & 1 T-6) at Stallion 51. Stallion 51 is way past the top of the list!

Salem, Virginia

April 25, 2016 “Great fun for Father and Son”

My son and I each took a flight on Stallion’s T6 Texan, each of us spending an hour in the sky with Steve Larmore, and each of us with different expectations. My son wanted all the aerobatics Steve could talk him through. On the other hand, I wanted to have a go at flying a vintage plane with some maneuvers thrown in. We each got exactly what we wanted and this was entirely possible thanks to Steve’s enthusiastic professionalism and support. He tailored the flights to our individual needs and abilities and we came away with a lot of respect for the man and the machine he knows so well. (Thanks again Steve). And we had good fun while doing it! It was spiffing. On top of that, all the staff we met were professional, supportive and friendly. Very highly recommended outfit and a treat for father and son.


March 25, 2016 “What an absolute blast!”

Had a great flight in the AT-6 with Steve. He is an excellent instructor and knows the airplane very, very well. Quickly I realized I had forgotten how to fly small aircraft, all I can do is fly big jet airliners. I will be back after some tail dragger and small aircraft flying for more time. But, what an absolute blast it was. I can’t wait to get back to Kissimmee. Was also great to catch up with some dear old friends. Thanks Steve and KT.

Paul Wallis

November 23, 2016″A dream place for all aviation enthusiasts.”

Imagine super fine detailed airplane models, in 1:1 scale, full action! Not only planes are all kept clean and shining, the floor of hangars are shining as new. Watched the P-51 starting engines, taxing, taking off and landing. Heard the sound of Merlin V12 engine. Smelled the vaporized fuel and oil. Something you never can see and feel by just watching streaming videos through the internet. I flew on T-6 and it has redefined the word “Awesome” for me. Professional and very friendly Instructor guided me through for everything. (Getting familiar with instrument panel before visiting may help)I never can thank enough for people I met there. Spend one of the best moment in my life. Traveling half way across the world is some challenging for me, but looking for another chance for visiting again.

September 16, 2015: “Thank you to the team at Stallion 51”

Thank you to the team at Stallion 51., especially Kelly, Julia, Beth, Chief and the Mechanics that don’t bask in the limelight but without which we couldn’t enjoy these magnificent machines.

Just a quick note to say thank you all so much, for making my visit to you extra special.

I was very impressed with every aspect of my visit. I came, wondering if afterwards I’d afford ever fly such a fantastic machine ever again, or whether this would be a one log book wonder.

Well, I must say that the hospitality, especially from Steve showed me was unrivalled, and what we were able to do was just phenomenal. I’m not a smiling person, but I found myself randomly grinning ear to ear after some of those aeros….

I hope that Steve’s heart rate is back to normal now after having me as a student!!! Thanks Steve.

I’m saving up for the next trip now…….

I sincerely hope that things work out for you. Keep me discreetly posted if you can.


London, ENgland

August 31, 2015: “Stallion 51 is where dreams meet reality!”

As a Pilot with a major U.S. Airline, 25+ years in the Industry and over 28 years flying numerous aircraft around the world I offer this review.

Bring every expectation you have along with your dreams to Stallion 51. What you’ll find when you arrive is without a doubt the most professional, most courteous, exceptionally trained and talented group of people in the aviation industry today.

Any question or request you have will be answered and granted by Stallion’s Staff. Julia and KT go above and beyond to make dreams come true. Stallion’s Pilots/Instructors are without question some of the most highly trained and experienced pilots in the industry and they produce the perfect flight experience to cherish.

Steve Larmore is one of the finest, most talented Instructors I’ve met in 28 years. I’ve had the honor of his instruction inboth the T6 and P-51. Flying a few hours in the T6 followed by an hour in the P-51 will give you an experience only Stallion 51 can offer.

Stallion 51 is where dreams meet reality.
Accomplish your dream. Fly the Mustang with Stallion 51 today!

Jim from Alaska

January 29, 2015: Experience of a Lifetime!!!

Hard to put into words all the feelings that were triggered by this 1 hour of training in the Texan. Thanks, Steve, for being patient with me, you are an awesom instructor.

A Merritt Island Fan.

January 7, 2015: Never piloted a plane before and they taught me to do full aerobatics!

I am pleased to recoomned this company highly. I have never piloted a plane before and they taught me to do full aerobatics manoeuvers within one hour in the T-6 Texan. Steve is a great pilot and trainer.

Aberdeen, Scotland

October 2014: I flew the T-6…..can’t wait to come back to fly the P-51 and the L-39.

The experience at Stallion 51 is just that, excellent. I flew the T6 on Halloween with the best instructor ever, Steve Larmore. Included was a detailed pre flight briefing, one hour flight including barrel rolls, loops, stalls, cuban eight and even a little sight seeing, then a detailed post flight briefing using the on board video taken of your flight. You won’t find a more professional business or nicer aircraft and instructors anywhere. You also won’t believe how much of the flying, including taxing, takeoff and landing that Steve lets you perform. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to go back someday to fly the P51 and the L39.

Chris E.
Easley, SC

July 2014: Unforgetable Moment; Flying a T-6 Texan in formation with a Mustang!

Well, I don’t know where to start. I expected to have a good time flying an old trainer. I never flew a tail dragger unitl that time, so I did not expect to take-off and land a T-6 Texan. But with very good briefing, pre-start check list, the fantastic flight instuctor, Steve, was giving me confidence and the flight went much better than I would have ever expected. However, what I didn’t expect was to form up with one of Stallion 51’s Mustangs. That was completely awesome! And not to forget to mention the fantastic media recording system installed in the airplane. After such an unforgettable moment you have the DVD for eternity. If you are visiting Orlando and you are an aviation enthusiast you must not miss this. Thank you Steve and the folks from Stallion51. I will never Forget!


April 2014: Lifetime memory of me actually doing aerobatic maneuvers!

I finally got to fly the T-6 Texan. Being a private pilot myself, this experience, accept for my first SOLO flight, was the greatest thrill of my life! My dream is to fly with the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. Thanks to Steve, my pilot and Stallion 51, this was a satasifactory experience toward that dream. I thanks all at Stallion 51 for a lifetime memory of me actually doing aerobatic maneuvers in a T-6 Texan airplane. Thank you again Stallion 51 for everything. Chuck Medeiros
East Taunton, MASS

February 2014: What could have been just an exciting ride turned into an incredible experience!

Stallion 51: Just a few words of thanks to you and Steve Lamore for making my Stallion 2 flight on 2/19/14 the experience of a lifetime! My intent was to fly “once and done,” however, Steve made what could have been just an exciting ride into an incredible experience. He is an extraordinary teacher and pilot. I would recommend Steve and Stallion 51 to anyone contemplating a warbird experience. I hope to be back next year.

Again, thank you, Steve!
Fred Fisher

January 2014: His experience and coaching made me feel like a high-hour “stick”.

My sons presented me with a T-6 flight with Stallion 51 on 31 December 2013. I’ve been in aviaiton maintenance (avionics) all my life but never had the chance to experience the thrills that Steve gave me in the T-6. His experience and coaching made me feel like a high-hour “stick”. Everyone at Stallion 51 was friendly and warm. Really enjoyed the cance to “join up” with the L-39 mid flight. I’d die to get into one of their P-51’s soon, if I can make it happen. Many thanks to the Stallion 51 crowd.

Brad Fairmore
Melbourne, Florida

September 24, 2013: Thank you for helping me realize my first dream; to fly the T-6 Texan and P-51 Mustang!

Hi all Stallion team
I am back home in Africa for my job and I take some time before to send you this mail(I was still too excited….)
Thank you to help me to realize my first baby dream…..
Your team is fantastic and I more than enjoy those two flights…..
Do not change anything in your organization all is perfect…..
According our discussion with Lee I am on diet to prepare my next P51 flight (long way……and difficult) but……h.h.h.
Thank to my T-6 instructor Eric and Lee for their professionalism to help me to flight those two fantastic planes…I learn a lot and I still need to learn more
Again thank you very much for all and I hope to see you asap according to my job requirement
Please keep them flying……….

Best regards,
Hicaube Patrick

September 20, 2013: A chance stop in gave us a great flight in the T-6

Hi i just want to say THANKS to Steve and our Trip in T-6. On September 20, we just went in to see if you had a flight and Julia at the desk said. So I and my friend got a nice time ! I will recomend you to other flyers in sweden.
Like and share on Facebook is done 🙂

Best regards
Ola Jonsson -SWEDEN


My husband and two boys flew Stallion 51’s WWII airplanes; the two P-51 Mustangs and their T-6 Texan in formation together. The staff is great and one of the reasons we come back each year, this was our third trip to Stallion 51. Great experience for both pilot and wanna-be pilot.

June 2012: Amazing experience and the facility and aircraft were AWESOME!

Dear Stallion 51 owners,staff and crew. We would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to fly your T6 Texan. It was an amazing experience and the facility and aircraft were AWESOME! a special thanks to Steve, our pilot/instructor, for taking some extra time with my son Tanner and allowing him to take the controls . Tanners goal is to be a pilot in the Air Force so this experience is invaluable to him in helping to achieve his goal. thank you again, and we will be back!

Rich, Carrie and Tanner Sermak

August 2011: Drop by visit turned into the Highlight of my Vacation!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Stallion 51 following a brief visit their earlier this month when I was on vacation for the hospitality shown to a non-paying prospective customer.

Thanks to Steve for asking me, upon leaving the White 1 Foundation hangar exhibit area, “How can I help you, young man?” when my 50th birthday is in fact only four years away(!) . As well as kindly “talking Mustangs” with me. Very generous, and really welcome!

Thanks especially to Willie who not only spared time to talk me through the experience of flying such a beautiful aircraft but allowed me to take photos as well as sit in Crazy Horse itself – an experience I’ve never had from years of visiting Duxford’s Flying Legends days here in England! I was also privileged to be able to listen to a pre-flight check going on and experience things that bit more.

Your kindness and generosity are hugely appreciated. What started out as a speculative drop-by visit turned out to be one of the highlights of my vacation! Perhaps next time – and certainly for my 50th – my next visit will be pre-booked with a flight.

Thanks again and kindest regards to you all.

Nick Harris
Lincoln, England

March 2011: An experience I will remember the rest of my life.

Stallion 51 Flight Ops, Just wanted to thank you for the great T-6 flight I had with you, It was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and will remember the rest of my life. I really liked the way Steve coached me through the maneuvers. I learned a lot from him.

December 2010: You made it a life changing experience.

Stallion 51 Crew, Thank you so much for the great flight in the Texan. It was an experience I will enjoy thinking about the rest of my life. As I mentioned my flying experience has been sporadic over the past several years. I had forgotten how much fun it is and how I enjoy it so much. Steve is truly a professional and I felt extremely lucky to have a talented, dedicated individual to fly with. You helped make it a truly life changing experience. I will need to get back to flying, having now been reminded just how much fun I have been missing.

William Eickhoff

April 2010: Coming down I wished I could do it again.

Steve, Thanks for taking me up in the Texan. I never thought I would ever get the chance to sit in one but when my Dad said I was going to fly in one I thought it was too good to be true. Going up I wished it would never end. Coming down I wished I could do it again. I am going to remember the flight the rest of my life!

Hayden Dewalt

January 2010: Barrel rolls, loops – it was absolutely amazing!

Having been an aviation enthusiast since my early childhood, when my father and I would go to the airport for countless hours watching planes take off and land, the thrill of actually flying in a historic warbird was beyond the wildest of dreams. Thanks to one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received, I was given the opportunity to fly in Stallion 51’s T-6 Texan for almost an hour. Having only been in a small aircraft once before, nervousness and excitement were of equal balance. But the “nerves” quickly faded when I met my instructor pilot, who spent our first segment teaching me about the aircraft, its history, and then what we would be doing while we were in the air.

Shortly after, we were strapped in and ready for takeoff. Then, the real fun began! Barrel rolls, loops – it was absolutely amazing. The pilot always made sure that I was “feeling ok” before we did anything and I was amazed how quickly I was able to relax and enjoy such an amazing experience. With each maneuver, the pilot would give me a brief history of when and where it was used – for combat or show – and then coached me through each step of the stick after he demonstrated.

Stallion 51 – you have my gratitude and respect – for an experience I will never forget and the first-rate organization you run. I will never forget it and thanks to the video of my flight – I’ll be able to relive it over and over. I will be back someday to do it again!!

D. Nixon

Stallion Flight Operations: Just wanted to say thanks for a great flight experience, what an understatement! I truly enjoyed flying with Steve. His calm and encouraging style put me at ease and gave me the confidence to realize a lifelong dream! Thanks again.

Al D’urso


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