Stallion 51 Adds L-39 Turbojet to Aircraft Fleet For Unusual Attitude Training (UAT)

Stallion 51 has expanded their flight operational syllabus to include an introduction to unusual attitude training utilizing their specialized L-39 Turbojet. It is an educational and exhilarating flying experience at the controls of this dual-cockpit, dual-control jet fighter that includes base-line UAT maneuvers including aerobatics.

This new program utilizes a highly modified L-39 that includes state-of-the-art avionics, allowing Stallion 51 instructors to provide participants an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of unusual attitude prevention and recovery.

This introductory UAT program takes approximately three hours and includes a thorough preflight briefing and customized flight profile based on individual expectations and experience. Participants then conduct a walk around pre-flight of the L-39 to become familiar with the aircraft and its systems, followed by a thorough cockpit briefing.

Once in flight, Stallion 51 instructors guide participants through the UAT introduction; from basic handling and slow speed maneuvering through high performance aerobatics. This hands-on program reinforces the various dynamics that are associated with unusual attitudes and advanced flight maneuvering while in air conditioning and pressurized comfort.

Following the flight, instructors review the participant’s in-flight video taken from the state-of-the-art, on-board camera system that records all audio and video. This high-resolution color video includes three different camera views, inner-cockpit communication and residual engine sounds to document your experience so that it can be reviewed and shared with others.

This new program is an introduction to the more advanced UAT training program already offered by Stallion 51.  The full program includes extensive ground briefing covering Aero-medical and Aerodynamic principles of unusual attitude recovery and a 2-flight syllabus of both VFR and IFR flight training. The addition of the UAT program compliments the internationally acclaimed P-51 Mustang and T-6 Texan orientation and training flight services offered by Stallion 51 flight operations, the leader in high performance flight training for the past 25 years.

For more information on Stallion 51’s L-39 unusual attitude introduction flight or the complete UAT program, visit or call 407-846-4400.

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