World War II Fighter Aircraft Foundation Museum Restoration Center is open for tours at their new Facility. (October 2011)

The WWII Fighter Aircraft Foundation (WWIIFAF) Museum’s Restoration Center will be open every Saturday from 9:00 am to Noon at their NEW location next to Stallion 51’s flight operation on Merlin Drive in Kissimmee, Florida starting November 5, 2011.

Saturday access to the WWFAF will allow visitors to see the restoration process of the rare FW190 Weisse Eins to flight worthy condition. It will be only one of two flying Focke-Wulf 190s in the world when completed. Visitors to the WWIIFAF will have the opportunity to watch the metamorphosis take place as the technicians craft the pieces into a flyable aircraft.

The Foundation also has an impressive collection of German aircraft support equipment and artifacts that can be seen along with the FW 190 project and the extremely rare FW190 Dora 9 project.  The WWIIFAF’s  P-51D Mustang project, “Missy” will be joining the other restoration projects in the near future.

The 501(c)3 Foundation began over a decade ago when WWIIFAF took on the herculean effort to restore the German war veteran back to flying condition. The team of aircraft conservators are using the original blue prints, specifications, parts, materials, paints, compounds and one of the two remaining flight-worthy BMW 801 engines to bring this front line veteran back to flying status.  WWII Fighter Aircraft Foundation’s Focke-Wulf will be only the 2nd flying FW 190 in the air when completed and possibly the most original in existence.

Donations are appreciated and accepted for the special Saturday behind the scenes access. For more information about the WWII Fighter Aircraft Foundation Restoration Center located on the west side of the Kissimmee Gateway Airport at 3955 Merlin Drive Kissimmee, FL  34741 please log