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In these sections you will find recent FAST Facts, Images and Press Releases from Stallion 51 and other divisions.  If you are a member of the media and need additional information please contact KT Budde-Jones, Promotions Coordinator at KT@Stallion51.com or (407) 846-4400.

Pilots Knock the Rust Off at Stallion 51

January 25th, 2018|

65 Pilots signed up to Knocked the Rust off and attended Stallion 51’s AOPA Rusty Pilots Seminar at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport (KISM) March 3, 2018. The P-51 Mustang has inspired pilots for decades to
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A Couple of Old Horses

August 8th, 2017|

Lee started flying airplanes at 14 years old in an old Schweizer 2-22 in DeLand, Florida. At that very airport, Kissimmee, just across the taxiway from where he obtained his pilot certificate in 1966, is
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