Stallion 51’s chief pilot, Lee Lauderback, will once again be flying in the Sun N Fun air show this year performing his signature solo Mustang routine to the sound track of the movie  “Empire of the Sun”. The movie is about a young boy, played by actor Christian Bale, who is captured by the Japanese in occupied China during WWII.  The young boy is fascinated by airplanes and even while help prisoner in a concentration camp, he is fascinated by the Japanese Imperial Army’s air operations there.  When the US Army Air Force and the American Forces liberate China, the P-51 Mustangs fly over the concentration camp.  The young boy stands on top of a building as the Mustang makes a low pass, screaming “P-51 Mustang, Cadillac of the skies”.  It is a fitting sound track for Lee’s aerial ballet with “Crazy Horse 2”narrated by Angela West.

Attendees to Sun N Fun 2016 will have three occasions to see Lee’s aerial “Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers dance routine” this year.  He will be performing during the air show Tuesday 4/5, and at the beginning of the evening air show on 4/6 Wednesday and 4/9 Saturday.

Stallion 51 ‘s “Mustang Corral” will be on the Warbird Flight Line from April 5th – 10th.  Stallion 51 will be bringing several Mustangs to Sun N Fun for visitors to enjoy seeing and taking photos of.  Stallion 51’s flight operations at the Kissimmee airport (KISM) will be open for business as usual Monday through Friday during Sun N Fun.  Stop by to take the controls of the “Cadillac of the Skies” in our dual cockpit-dual control P-51 Mustangs.