Kissimmee, Florida May 20,  2011 The Gathering Foundation; Sharing History, Heritage and a Hangar with the Stallion 51’s Mustangs.

The Gathering Foundation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was formed in 2007 during the development phases of The Gathering of Mustangs & Legends aviation event, held September 27 – 30, 2007 at Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio.

The Gathering Foundation works to support the collection, exchange and archive of information as it pertains to vintage fighter aircraft and the brave men and women who flew or serviced these aircraft in war times.

What better place to gather and preserve the history of WWII aviation than Kissimmee Gateway Airport, the home of Stallion 51’s flight operations?

Stallion 51 has been sharing the thrill and history of flying the legendary P-51 Mustang for 25 years.  Their operation hangars have become a gathering place for both the men and the machines of WWII. Thousands of people have brought their dream of flying a Mustang to Stallion 51; many have also brought their stories to share of their experiences in WWII or their parents or grandparents’ experiences.

Stallion 51 is also the center for P-51s and their owners to fine-tune both their Mustangs and their skills through Stallion 51’s Maintenance program and Flight training program.

The Gathering Foundation not only shares the history and heritage of the Mustang with Stallion 51 they also shares a hangar. The Gathering Foundation is located in Stallion 51’s third hangar offices at their Kissimmee Gateway Airport operations. It is the perfect location to collect and preserve the stories that draw visitors by the thousands to the Mustang.

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