Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) is one of the many airports in Florida that has trained pilots from WWII to present day. Situated in the middle of Central Florida’s big three tourist attractions, KISM sees all types of aircraft traffic from corporate jets to bug smashers, WWII Mustangs and T-6s to helicopters, fledgling student pilots to seasoned airshow performers; making ISM one of the busiest for over-flight traffic with more than 22,000 operations annually as well as making ISM the busiest FCT in Central Florida, growing last year’s traffic by 25% from 123,000 to 158,000. Air traffic control tower manager, Huck Huckeba is in charge of the aerial choreography; doing more than direct traffic, he has been a part of the Kissimmee airport family for two decades, contributing to its growth and the growth of the city of Kissimmee. The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) has recognized Hucks’ great work advancing the science, safety, and efficiency of air traffic control by selecting him for the ATCA Outstanding Civilian ATC Manager of the Year Award.
Congratulations from your friends at Stallion 51 flight ops who you have safely shepherded home many times. Your voice and those of your Tower Team are the friendly voices that we look forward to coming home to.