Aviator TV, season 3 premiers with Stallion 51 flight training.

KISSIMMEE, FLA. (August 28, 2012) – For 25 years, Stallion 51 Corporation has been training pilots in high performance fighter aircraft making memories and fulfilling flying dreams at the Kissimmee Gateway airport. Starting on September 17, 2012; Stallion 51 will be sharing their historic T-6 Texan and their legendary P-51 Mustang with the world on “The Aviators TV” season premier.

“The Aviators” is an award-winning weekly TV series featuring interesting people, the latest aircraft and technology as well as the best fly-in destinations; taking viewers behind the scenes of all things related to aviation.

“The Aviators” reaches an estimated US audience of over 9.3 million people and seen on over 80% of PBS stations. The series also airs in Canada on Travel and Escape and on Discovery in over 100 international countries.

The award winning PBS series is back for a third season with more great stories of flying heroes, fascinating places, and incredible aircraft. “The Aviators is for everyone who has ever gazed skywards.” states host Kurt Arnold enthusiastically.

For the season three premier, host Kurt Arnold, straps into the cockpit the T-6 Texan to experience first hand how aviation cadets learned to fly in WWII starting with advanced training in the T-6 “Pilot Maker”. The second episode Kurt advances to the greatest fighter in WWII, the P-51 Mustang featuring excellent air-to-air footage that captures the thrill of flying the Mustang.

“Stallion 51 is enormously proud our flight operations that teaches the history and fundamentals of flying these aviation legends. Kurt’s experience with Stallion 51 replicated the training that young aviation cadets would have gone through in WWII.” Lee Lauderback president and chief pilot remarked.

The Aviators airs weekly on hundreds of PBS stations across the country as well as coast-to-coast in Canada and on Discovery overseas. The show can also be viewed online in iTunes and Hulu in addition to their website at www.theaviators.tv

Check your local listings for air-time in your specific area.

Stallion 51 Corporation is a comprehensive aviation organization offering a wide range of services in historic aircraft including orientation flights in the legendary dual cockpit, dual control P-51 Mustang, historic T-6 Texan and L-39 UAT Training flights.  Stallion 51 offers check-out, transition and re-currency training, aircraft sales and management.  Stallion 51 is a leader in WWII aviation; for 25 years focusing on safety and quality. www.stallion51.com