Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain magazine featured Manny Aranda’s 2012 Shelby Cobra Mustang that he had wrapped in Stallion 51’s “Crazy Horse 2” colors!  Manny shares what inspired him to wrap his Mustang like Stallion 51’s  dual cockpit-dual control P-51 Mustang.   Complete Article attached. Manny’s Mustang Wrap

“I have always loved the P-51D Mustang, the sound, the sleekness all of its history etc.  I have attended Car shows and seen other Mustangs with P-51 Mustang graphics and they have appealed to me because they look great however, I wanted to link my Cobra up with a real P-51D and not just throw airplane graphics on it.  I saw Crazy Horse on the internet while looking at different P-51’s and quickly found Stallion-51 Flight Ops”

Manny’s Mustang Wrap