AVDoc 51’s Dr. William Busch shares “How to get the FAA to say YES at Sun N Fun Forums”

Join Dr. William Busch during Sun N Fun on Thursday April 15th at 11:00 am and again on Friday April 16th at 11:00 am at the CFAA High School on the SNF campus to hear how you can get the FAA to say “yes” when you are applying for your FAA Medical or Special Issuance.

Second only to when you are taking your initial check ride, getting your FAA Medical can strike fear into the bravest of pilots.   What do you say or not say, what do you bring to your appointment, what do you submit to the FAA? All questions if answered wrong can mean at the very least a paper work nightmare and at the worst, loss of your ability to fly.

Senior FAA AME Dr. William Busch is someone who knows how to keep you in the cockpit by being prepared for your medical exam and complying and providing exactly with what the FAA requires. Come to the Sun N Fun Forums on Thursday and/or Friday at 11:00 am to hear how you can stay in the cockpit!  Doc will be available during the Forums to answer your questions.