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Stallion 51 Corporation provides Unusual Attitude Training for pilots to learn advanced techniques and maneuvers that they would not normally experience in routine day-to-day flying.

During their early training, all pilots practice returning an airplane to level flight from what is termed an "unusual attitude". One shortcoming of this training is that it is normally done in a small low-performance aircraft with power and bank-angle limitations. Although this early training does address recovery from an "unexpected attitude", it generally does not address extreme pitch and roll excursions and thus does not prepare flight crews for flying in today's high performance environment. The advent of automated flight control systems and the integration of many different types and sizes of airplanes in the traffic pattern of many airports has increased the potential for the aircraft to be "upset" from level flight resulting in loss of control if the upset is not corrected immediately.

The NTSB has recommended for many years that air carrier and commercial operators: "…provide their flight crews with training in the recognition of and recovery from unusual attitudes and aircraft upsets, including upsets that occur while the aircraft is being controlled by automatic flight control systems, and unusual attitudes that result from flight control malfunctions and uncommanded flight control surface movements."

This is the basis for The Stallion 51 Corporation's Unusual Attitude Training Program. The TF-51 has control pressures much like corporate and commercial airplanes and can be flown without pitch or bank restriction to replicate any aircraft's possible flight envelope.

Several major flight corporations are utilizing the Unusual Attitude Program as additional training and upgrades for their flight departments. Click here for an article written about our program in Twin Turbine Magazine.

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