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Steve Larmore received his private pilot’s license when he was only 17 years old.  Following college, he started his aviation career working as a lineman and apprentice aircraft mechanic while pursuing his pilot ratings.  After achieving an A&P mechanic and commercial pilot rating Steve gained experience flying hundreds of hours in tow-planes, biplanes, various aerobatic airplanes and gliders.  Steve's 12,000+ hours of hands-on flight time include over 3,800 hours of sailplane and motorglider flying and over 3,700 hours in the T-6 Texan/SNJ.

Steve has been flying, instructing in and maintaining the T-6 Texan for over 10 years.  He has served in the roles of Chief Pilot, Chief Instructor and Director of Maintenance. His instructional experience includes training T-6 line pilots and teaching one-on-one air combat maneuvering in the Texan. At various periods during this time he has held a low-altitude aerobatic waiver in gliders, Globe Swifts and T-6 Texans.

At Stallion 51 Steve serves as the Chief Texan Instructor, Instructor in TF-51 Mustang and a mechanic for our Texan and Mustang aircrafts, bringing with him over 40 years of flight experience.

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