The Experience

The L-39 Introduction to UAT Program:

  • Utilizes a highly modified L-39 TurboJet with State-of-the-Art Avionics.
  • Is an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of unusual attitude prevention and recovery.
  • Takes approximately three hours.
  • Includes a thorough Pre-flight Briefing and customized Flight Profile based on individual expectations and experience.
  • Teaches the participant basic handling, slow speed maneuvering, and high performance aerobatics that reinforce various dynamics associated with unusual attitudes and advanced flight maneuvering.
  • Includes a Post-flight Debrief by the instructor detailing all maneuvers performed utilizing the 3-camera video recording.

The full UAT program includes extensive ground briefing covering Aero-Medical and Aerodynamic principles of unusual attitude recovery and a 2-Flight syllabus of both VFR and IFR flight training.


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