L-39 Turbojet Facts

  • Stallion 51’s UAT L-39 Turbojet (N39UA) was built in 1981.
  • N39UA is outfitted with state of the art EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) and AHARS (Attitude, Heading and Reference System) flight instrumentation with capabilities to withstand extreme flight attitudes.
  • L-39 is structurally rated for +8g and -4g that allows the students to make mistakes in recovery and learn from them.
  • The L-39 is one of the first turbofan-powered trainers produced and is the most widely used jet trainer in the world.
  • There were approximately 3000 L-39s produced since 1969 by the Aero Vodochody aerospace manufacturer in Czechoslovakia and used in over 30 foreign countries.
  • There are approximately 265 L-39s registered in the US.
  • The L-39C Turbo Fan Engine generates 3800 lbs of thrust.
  • Maximum speed: 0.8 mach or 565 mph.
  • Maximum altitude: 40,000 feet.
  • Maximum weight: 10,380 pounds.
  • Approximately 15.5’ tall, 31’ wide and 39.8’ long


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