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Eric Huppert pilots the Mustang and OV-10 Bronco aircrafts for Stallion 51 Corporation. Eric is a native of Albany, New York, and after graduating from the US Air Force Academy in 1983 he spent 15 of his 20 years in the Air Force as a pilot in Special Operations. He has been stationed at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina; Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan; Hurlburt Field in Florida; and he has also completed an exchange tour as a pilot in the Royal Air Force with British Special Forces. Following his command of the 6th Special Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field, he retired in 2003 as the deputy commander of the 16th Special Operations Group.

After retiring, Eric flew surveillance aircraft in Kosovo for NATO, helped manage the Baghdad International Airport and was the deputy operations director for the US Department of State’s Air Wing. While with the Department of State, Eric flew the OV-10 Bronco in counter-narcotics operations.

Eric has logged approximately 7,000 hours in many different types of aircraft, and he is a certified flight instructor/multi-engine instructor as well as a homebuilder. As a graduate of the State Flight Academy of the Ukraine, he is experienced in several former Soviet-bloc aircraft.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in American history and a master’s in international relations.

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